We are available during business hours to answer any questions you may have.

Please call us on 08 8532 4777, or send an email to trevor@caravancentre.com.au,

MONDAY-FRIDAY 8.00 am - 5.00 pm, SATURDAY 8.00 am - 12.00 noon.

Q. If I have a warranty issue with my caravan, who should I contact?

A. Contact us first and we will liaise directly with the relevant manufacturer for a speedy resolution.



Q. What do I need in case of an insurance repair?

A. In the event of insurance repairs, contact your insurance company to obtain a claim number or a claim form then get in touch with us to make a time to drop off your caravan at our workshop. We will prepare a repair quote and forward it to the insurance company, plus arrange an assessor and then carry out the necessary repairs as soon as possible.



Q. What are the laws regarding caravan or trailer towing?

A. Modern caravans and trailers are fitted with a plate which outlines the manufactures TARE/ATM/GTM weights. These must be adhered to to ensure that you are legal. Motor vehicle manufactures also provide information on the towing capabilities of their particular vehicles which once again must be stringently adhered to. YOU MUST MAKE YOURSELF AWARE OF THESE CAPABILITIES. In the event of your vehicle having no manufacturers recommended towing capacity available then the vehicle may tow up to one and a half times it's unladen mass provided the caravan or trailer has brakes.



Q. What is ball weight?

A. Ball weight is the load imposed on the towing vehicles tow ball when the caravan or trailer is connected to the tow vehicle. Refer to the caravan and tow vehicle's manual for this detail.




A. ATM - aggregate trailer mass - is the total laden weight of the trailer which includes the payload (e.g. water, gas, clothes, cutlery, crockery etc). The ATM is specified by the manufacturer and must not be exceeded. GTM - gross trailer mass - is the total allowable mass including whatever you add as payload that can be supported by the wheels. TARE MASS - is the unladen mass of the caravan or trailer.



Q. Which tow vehicle is most suitable for towing?

A. Generally most vehicles are suitable but you must adhere to the towing specifications of the vehicle you have or are about to purchase.



Q. What towing equipment do I need?

A. Besides towing mirrors, electric brake controllers and load leveling equipment will be required. Commonly known as level rides, weight distribution hitches or sway bars, you must make sure the equipment selected is suitable for your caravan and tow vehicle combination.